100% utilities solution

Specifically developed for the world of utilities

Based on a unique technological architecture, efluid meets the functional requirements of distributors, suppliers and even integrated stakeholders. As the most configurable solution on the market, efluid allows energy, water or heating utilities to handle the entire technical chain and manage the customer relationship with 360° vision. Its unanimously acknowledged performance and its capacity to adapt to any environment make it an essential component in the growth strategy of its customers.

100% of business requirements covered

efluid is aimed at utilities, covering all business functions:

  • front and back office commercial functions,
  • technical functions,
  • billing functions,
  • customer account management function.

efluid also deploys all additional functions required for each activity sector.

Customer relationship management

MDM technical functions


Customer account management

Other services

The customer relationship is at the heart of the IS

efluid is focused on the customer relationship, and operators benefit directly from an enhanced 360° vision.

Beyond customer satisfaction, the intuitive efluid CRM is a performance accelerator, contributing naturally to improving productivity.

An unlimited configuration

efluid offers multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency solutions, and is natively designed to manage:

  • all types of customers (from industrial to domestic), whether handled in a B-to-B portfolio or by a center,
  • all types of installations

Thanks to a substantial library of interface flows, efluid ensures a very high level of interoperability and is able to communicate without difficulty with the other business applications of the company.

Designed for the future

With a component-based approach, efluid is a software package solution allowing utilities to calmly envisage the integration of forthcoming updates by enhancing the customer relationship and the management of the processes linked to the metering installations and the collection/billing operations.

Its power and its technical sturdiness mean efluid is capable of responding to any increase in volume while ensuring the highest level of performance.