Performance accelerator

100% of requirements covered

The world of utilities is increasingly complex, and they must be demanding in terms of the robustness of their IS to provide them with lasting support for their development. Through its design, its ease of use and its power, efluid provides simple solutions allowing them to focus on their core business.

The most configurable solution on the market

Thanks to its component-based approach, efluid customizes the key functions by adding a configuration layer faithfully rewriting the business rules specific to each organization. This structure ensures that 100% of the current and future requirements for each company are taken into account.

Some examples of the power of efluid:

  • the same body can be used to manage a DNO or a supplier,
  • efluid provides the same functional coverage in response to the requirements of companies in the electricity, gas, urban heating or water sectors,
  • the solution allows modeling of the most complex billing processes or meter readings through veritable back-office workshops, and remote solutions for the management of anomalies, etc.

Manage the customer relationship through a very thorough CRM

efluid makes available to the customer an extended library of components and flows authorizing and managing all interactions with customers. The technical, commercial and marketing teams can thus continuously improve the customer experience.

efluid offers :

  • a very high level of quality in data management (customization of information by customer segment, tool to deal with duplicates, etc.) as well as organizational and geographical references of the company,
  • 360° vision of the customer and the points of delivery,
  • a shorter time to market: production of new offers in a few days, capacity to manage optional services, simple implementation of workflow and generic cases,
  • complete multi-channel marketing: paper, email, SMS, Internet, etc.

Manage the integration of smart meters

efluid has a very high level of expertise in the technical and commercial management of smart meters. The IS impacts are perfectly integrated and the processes controlled. The smart meters thus become an opportunity rather than a difficulty.

Accelerate your development

Integrate the best mobility solutions

The use of effective mobility solutions is currently essential in order to improve the efficiency of the organization and offer quality customer services. efluid provides a perfect response, offering a wide range of mobility tools.

The mobility tools are perfectly suited to customer business, improve productivity and enhance the customer relationship:

  • internally with mobefluid, a modern tool for managing meter readings and interventions, 100% adapted to the smart meter context,
  • externally with the customer online agency or the availability of a large library of REST services allowing customer apps to be created quickly.

Improve productivity

The search for greater productivity in each of the main functions of the organization (billing process, customer relationship management, technical operations) is fundamental, and the IS must make a full contribution. The use of efluid serves to significantly improve the quality of services, makes organizational processes smoother and thus reduces operating costs …


Thanks to efluid, the organization is optimized on all sides and the processes are perfectly calibrated: effective and structured management of meter readings, controlled billing, optimized collection, automated DNO processes, etc.

efluid is an essential block which significantly improves fluidity in the organization.

Ability to handle complexity

The utilities must, in their activity sector, deal with an increasingly complex world: changing offers, the emergence of new technologies, digitalization of the customer relationship, changing standards and regulations, etc. With efluid it is easier than ever to manage complex processes.

Here are a few examples of advanced functions that only the power of efluid can provide:

  • tariff simulations on market offers,
  • consumption data correction module,
  • flow recovery,
  • projection of turnover in the future,
  • interconnection with third-party ISs (with the DNOs),
  • paperless bills,
  • publication to third parties on event or via recurring processes, …)…